***What Are the EPX Body Products?***

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What Are EPX Body Products?

EPX Body has 11 outstanding products in it’s lineup that are sure to impact your health in a majorly beneficial way.I won’t cover them all here (check the EPX Body product website for detailed information) but here are a few that you should really pay attention to for their incredible benefits. All the products at EPX Body are guaranteed.

EPX Body Daily (Click image for details)

EPX Body Daily

Most daily vitamins can actually shorten your life because of low-grade ingredients and the type of vitamin compounds they use. That’s why EPX Body Daily is 100% vegetable supplement that contains 12 edible species of sea plants, which are know to be packed with powerful nutrition and trace minerals. No other product anywhere has this amazing formulation. Sea plants are more potent than any land plant salad and contain hundreds of natural plant compounds know as phyto (plant) nutrients. Many of these natural compounds are necessary, but are missing from our processed food supply.



Here are some of the amazing benefits of EPXbody Daily

Promotes Healthier Skin
May lower cholesterol levels
Helps fight allergies
Helps relieve stomach disorders
Helps support liver functionality
Helps fight free radicals
Known to stabilize blood sugar
May inhibit blood clotting
Used to assist in weight loss
Believed to help lower cholesterol
Inhibits uptake of heavy metals
Used to remove toxins and heavy metals





EPX Body Burn (Click image for details)

EPX Body BurnEPX Body Burn is a powerful weight-loss supplement containing ingredients known to increase metabolism and burn the fat safely along with increasing energy and general health. This is the product to get to be a part of our “paid to lose weight” challenge.

EPX Cardio (Click image for details)

Learn More by watching the video below EPX Body Cardio

EPX Cardio is a favorite of many because it contains the powerful amino acid l-arginine. L-arginine has a wide range of powerful benefits and is known to improve sleep, sexual performance, and energy along with a general sense of well-being.

What can EPXbody Cardio do for you?

Based on scientific research and clinical studies, the benefits of Arginine include:

Improves cardiovascular health and reduces stress on the heart

Decrease symptoms and improve quality life of people with coronary artery disease

Helps regulate blood pressure and improves circulation

Inhibits plaque in blood vessels and lowers cholesterol

Improves diabetes and reverses related damage

Speeds recovery time after surgery and decreases infections

Builds lean muscle and improves muscle performance

Promotes healthy sexual function, libido, and performance

Slows the aging process and helps prevent related diseases

Improves memory and enhances cognitive functions

Boosts the immune system and overall health

Facilitates weight loss and alleviates obesity

Preserves bone density and improves osteoporosis

Improves outcome of cancer treatment

Prevents and heals hemorrhoids, painful urination, and IBS

Alleviates cirrhosis and helps to detoxify the liver

Helps offset lung damage caused by smoking

Increases energy levels to a more youthful state

EPX RESTORE (Click image for details)

Fast Acting Benefits Reported (1 to 3 weeks)
• Stress reduction
• Increased sexual vitality
• Increased physical vitality
• Ability to concentrate better
• Greatly improved sleep & energy
• Shortened recovery after workouts
Slow Acting Benefits Reported (6 weeks or more)
• Optimize weight
• Helps balance cholesterol
• Increased feeling of well being
• Supports healthy, pain free joints
• Improved memory and brain function
• Enhances cellular & liver detoxification
• Cellulite melting off thighs and buttocks









EPX NOURISH (Click image for details)

– The World's Most-Perfect, 2-Minute Meal –
Accelerates Fat-Loss with the aid of the Essential Omega Fatty Acid – FLAX SEED
Includes an all-natural blend of the recommended daily fiber
Each serving is designed with the phytonutrient base of 4.5 servings of Fruits & Vegetables
Perfect for strength athletes, endurance athletes, fitness enthusiasts and any health-conscious, active individual
Improves muscle performance in athletes
Accelerates muscle recovery when used to help meet your daily protein requirements

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There’s more in the EPX Body lineup… so head over to the products page and check them out! There’s really something for everyone here.


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